Hello there,
I'm Patrícia Estevão.

I’m a UX Designer focused on user security and privacy.

Recent Articles

The patestevao.com redesign: a case study

30 Jan, 2020

As I redesigned this website to properly fit my needs as a public portfolio of my work, I also took the opportunity of sharing a bit of my thought process as a designer facing a new project.

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Expanding Bitcoin’s reach with accessible wallets

20 Sep, 2019

This article is an organized write-up of notes and insights collected during the on-going research we are doing on the subject of accessible wallets.

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Usability in Bitcoin: wallets

11 May, 2018

Following up the last two articles on Bitcoin usability, we’re going to approach the vast topic of wallets focusing on the advantages and disadvantages perceived in each described type in terms of usability.

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About me

I'm a Designer, which means, essentially, being a communicator.

But as we all are quite unique somehow, I also have my personal Design focus and way of thinking.

I actively look for projects where I can apply my Designer perspective to improve people’s security and privacy. This includes, but is not limited to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.